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Coffee & Mezcal

Everything Soluna does is to give back to the communities in Latin America. From the way that we work with our distillery, that is in close relations with local agave farmers; to the way that we buy only direct trade coffee. Everything comes back to helping our neighbors both here in Pittsburgh and abroad. In 2021, we opened our cafe in The Strip District section of PGH; bringing you a unique experience with Honduran coffee and food. Our first year was such a success that we wanted to find something else that would be special to not only us, but Pittsburghers as well. This is when Soluna PGH was born! 

We saw a need for a specialized evening bar experience like no other; and we developed a new experience that is ready to change Pittsburgh. Our name Soluna comes from two parts. Sol, representing the sun and the coffee we will continue to serve during the typical cafe hours. Our dedicated and expert staff has stayed with us continuing to provide the best coffee and latte art the city of PGH has to offer. Luna, represents the moon and the Mezcal we’ll be serving in the evening hours. In order to accommodate these incredible spirits, we needed a bar equal in grandeur.

The newly renovated second bar is in what was formally the lounge area of our upper room. This new thirteen foot bar will be open in the evenings Thursdays-Sundays, with exciting new cocktails all featuring our artisanal Mezcal as well as a variety of tapas from all over Latin America. To serve these drinks, we have added staff who are just as passionate about the drinks they serve as we have always been about our coffee. Furthermore, Monday through Wednesday this beautifully renovated space will also be available for private parties while the bar will be open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

All of our coffee will continue to be sourced from farmers in Honduras, however, we are now buying our coffee from Dynamic Coffee Roasters, a local coffee roaster in Carnegie, PA. They specialize in true direct trade coffee with small Honduran farmers, as well as teach coffee classes. Dynamic is committed to not only incredible coffee roasting, but also to true direct trade with Honduran farmers. They are a perfect fit for what we’re looking for in terms of ethical coffee production and sourcing. In keeping with our mission, we ensure that all of the beans grown, roasted, and sold; are done in a manner that allows Dynamic to pay farmers above market value to allow them to provide for their families and lead a better life. Their coffee will not only be used by our baristas, but also be for sale in the cafe. The blends that we now serve are crafted to provide the same great experience with even higher quality coffee than before. We are offering three coffees for our methods as well as retail sales. These include our House Blend, Dynamic Blend, and our Special Edition coffees.

If you have visited our cafe/bar, you know that we have beautiful artwork from Latin American artists and will now be featuring art work from Mexico Lindo. Her love of Mexican art is evident in her person as well as in the work she does. Beginning in 2002, Linda and her late husband began the work of collecting the best of Mexican folk art and jewelry to sell to a larger market here in the United States.

However, unlike many big name sellers, Mexico Lindo sees the value in building relationships with her suppliers, which is something we’ve always valued in our own business. Her familial ties to the region there make her all the more invested in her work and it is evident in the high quality of goods she has available, as well as her commitment to a thorough sourcing process. 

We hope you are as excited about experiencing Soluna as we are! We look forward to serving you artisanal mezcal soon and can’t wait to share our passion with you!